2. feistymanagement:

    Dessa’s Audiotree Session is now live!  True to form (for Dessa & Audiotree) it is nothing less than great.  Check it!

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  3. fuckyeahrightpos:

    P.O.S. - Do Not Stay




  6. wandererofwind:

    Everything floats down here.
    Anything that sinks from up there
    Floats down here
    Like she did her mask
    Like she did her smile
    The future is a bitter past

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  7. actuallygrimes:

    i love that she writes, sings, raps, performs etc. 

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  9. dondo-wyndampryce:

    Dessa has a tradition of chopping off her hair for charity whenever an album gets finished. Doomtree record is fully complete!!! Lazerbeak with the locks.

  10. thelittlemystic:

    Oh god.